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Try-Out FAQ’s
How are try-outs organized?
Try-outs are organized according to grade and gender. Each group participates in 2 sessions, each lasting 1-1.5 hours. In order to be eligible for a final ranking, a player should attend a minimum of 1 session. The groups are as follows:

Boys Girls
4th Grade 4th Grade
5th Grade 5th Grade
6th Grade 6th Grade
7th Grade 7th Grade
8th Grade 8th Grade


Who runs Try-Outs?

For incoming 4th graders, 7th grades and grades with coaching vacancies, the Executive Board, as well as a minimum of 2 additional volunteer independent evaluators organize and run the try-out sessions.   For grades with coaches from the prior year in place these sessions are run by these coaches with input from a minimum of 2 additional independent evaluators and supervision by at least 1 Executive Board member. 
How are players rated?
Players are evaluated by a minimum of 2 volunteer independent evaluators, the coach if applicable and at least 1 Executive Board member.  Each evaluator utilizes a standardized form to score each player on a variety of basic basketball skills and other attributes.
How many players are selected?
Unfortunately, FBA needs to limit the number of teams per Grade/Gender to 2. This is necessitated by a limitation of available gym time and past experiences demonstrating that teams comprised of players with lower skill levels are typically not able to compete and have fun within the Metro West League structure.  For each grade an ‘A’ and ‘B’ team are selected and each team typically carries 12 players.  In certain circumstances, with permission from the Executive Board, a coach may elect to carry more than 12 players.  Roster sizes are subject to change at any time as determined by the Executive Board.
What if my child can’t attend try-outs, but still wants an opportunity to play?
For players with a significant barrier to try-outs (recovering from an injury, family vacation, etc) the player may be invited to the first available practice to receive an evaluation.  As the team will already have at least 12 players the decision to add a 13th player is not taken lightly.  The parent and player will be informed shortly after the practice of the decision.  Your child may also particcipate in our injured player process as detailed in the FBA articles.
What if my child isn’t selected?
As parents of players and volunteers within a non-profit organization, we all strive to ensure that the players best fit for Metro play are selected. When a player isn’t selected, this isn’t the end of the road. We all appreciate that our children grow and change each year. A player who may not make a team one year, may become one of the better players the next. If your child does not make a Metro team, we encourage you to seek out alternative avenues for basketball participation. The Town of Franklin Recreation Department operates an in house recreation league. In addition, a CYO program is operated via St. Mary’s in Franklin. A number of clinics and camp operators are available in the region. The bottom line – not making a Metro team is not the end of your child’s playing career! Basketball is a fun activity that will help your child gain and maintain physical fitness.  Stay involved! Please visit our LINKS page for these other options.


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