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2020-2021 Tryout Dates for the try-outs are scheduled for the weekends of September 18-20 and September 25-27.  They will be held at Downtown Sports in Franklin.  Please continue to check back for changes.

Registration has closed.  Prior registration is required to attend try-outs.  No walk-in players will be accepted.  Thank you for your understanding.

Friday, September 18   Saturday, September 19th   Sunday, September 20th
      8-9am Boys 5th Grade   8-9am Girls 6th Grade
      9:20-10:20am Boys 5th Grade   9:20-10:20am Girls 6th Grade
      10:40-11:40am Boys 8th Grade   10:40am-12:10pm Girls 7th Grade
      12-1pm Boys 8th Grade   12:30-1:30pm Possible Callback
4-5pm Boys 5th Grade   1:20-2:20pm Girls 6th Grade   2-3:30pm Boys 6th Grade
5:20-6:20pm Boys 5th Grade   2:40-3:40pm Girls 6th Grade   4-6:30pm  
6:40-7:40pm Boys 8th Grade   4-5:30pm Boys 6th Grade   6:30-7:30pm Possible Callback
8-9pm Boys 8th Grade   6-7:30pm Girls 7th Grade   7:50-8:50pm Possible Callback


Friday, September 25   Saturday, September 26   Sunday September, 27
      8-9am Boys 4th Grade   8-9:30am Girls 8th Grade
      9:20-10:20am Boys 4th Grade   9:50-11:10am Girls 4th Grade
      10:40-11:40am Boys 7th Grade   11:30am-12:30pm Possible Callback
      12-1pm Boys 7th Grade   12:50-1:50pm Possible Callback
4-5pm Boys 4th Grade    2-3:30pm Girls 8th Grade   2:10-3:40pm Girls 5th Grade
5:20-6:20pm Boys 4th Grade   4-5:30pm Girls 5th Grade   4-6:30pm  
6:40-7:40pm Boys 7th Grade   6-7:30pm Girls 4th Grade   6:30-7:30pm Possible Callback
8-9pm Boys 7th Grade