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A Team
Jeri Adiletto
Kenzie Cassler
Katie Dowley
Selene Hammad
Carly Johnson Pellegri
Grace  Lacerda
Taylor Lacerda
Norah MacCallum
Julia Taranto
Sasha Tracey
Kayden Tuffs-Simpson
B Team
Julia Atwood
Leslie Baker
Cara Briggs
Ashley Currivan
Natalie Delaporta
Emily Matteson
Kyra McSweeney
Darby Nicholson
Alexandra Pond
Makayla  Sanders
Jennifer Soohoo
Anya Zub


If your son or daughter did not make a metro team please note St. Mary's CYO Basketball Tryouts will be held in October with some divisions starting the week of 10/7.   You can register your son/daughter via the website below and note the tryout dates posted. If you have any questions on St. Mary's CYO Basketball don't hesitate to send an email to the Mike Vinson  at .

St. Mary's CYO Basketball Website: www.stmarysfranklincyobasketball.com